About Us

ACC is a foreign invested 3rd party lab located in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. We specialize in food and dietary supplements. ACC provides innovative, practical and science-based solutions in the following areas: new product development; food safety and quality; organic food accreditation; novel nutritional supplements; consumer sensory research; food chemistry; food biology and regulatory consulting.


Backed by strategic partnership with USA and New Zealand Industry leaders, ACC brings the most up-to-date R&D technology and know-how to China. Our team of bilingual scientists led by Ph.D’s are dedicated and committed to science, excellence and quality. Our 12000 SQF labs located in Shanghai are in compliance with ISO17025 (CNAS). 

Our Vision

Improve the Quality and Safety of Food and Dietary Supplements in China. 

Our Services

}   R&D

• Concept Design

• Formulation Development

• Process Development

• Pilot Production

• Shelf-life & Stability   Research

• Consumer Sensory Research

• Food Packaging 

• Novel Dietary Supplement Research

}   Testing

• Food Label Testing  

• Raw Material Testing

• Finished Product Release   

• Food & Ingredients Safety

• Food & Ingredients Safety

• Microbiology Testing

}   Certification

• Organic Certification          

• Certifications for Food Safety

• GAP Certification

• Supplier Audits

}   Consulting & Training

• Food Safety Solutions

• GAP Training

• Importing & Exporting Regulatory Compliance

• USA FDA GRAS & NDI Application

What We Can Do

}   Supplement Manufacturers and Buyers:  ACC can monitor the quality and safety of your foods, supplements, and ingredients.

}   Importers and Exporters:  ACC can provide regulatory consulting to make sure your products are in compliance with targeted markets.

}   F&B, Schools, Hotels and Distribution Channels:  ACC can conduct risk assessment, provide monitoring programs and recommend solutions. 

Our Address:

Email: info@acclab.cn
Tel: +86 21 51135968, +1 925 204 9901
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